“We have had nothing but positive experiences since we enrolled in 2010. The NCMS Plan has provided tremendous support servicing the health insurance needs of our group while also maintaining competitive rates. Their customer service is top notch. They are always willing to go above and beyond to solve any problem. With the NCMS plan we know we are providing our group with high quality and affordable coverage.”

Todd L. DYRE, PHR, Director of Operations, Charlotte Gastroenterology & Hepatology

“Our practice as chosen the NCMS Plan every year since 2004. We have looked at other carriers each year but have never had another offer as many options. The level of customer service from the NCMS Plan is outstanding. Ongoing education through meetings and summits is a huge benefit as well. Every person that I have met or worked with has proven to be a great resource for me and our practice.”

 DONNA WARNER, Human Resources & Provider Services Manager, Family Medical Center of Rocky Mount

“I have been a Benefits Administrator for over twenty years an the NCMS Plan ranks #1 in my list of benefit providers. I am very impressed with the person service provided by the NCMS Plan. We decided to begin our first Wellness Program and with their guidance and excellent resources we are well on our way and feeling very supported. We look forward to many years of collaboration.”

ROBIN DURHAM, Human Resources Manager, Triad Adult and Pediatric Medicine

“We have been impressed by the resources available through the NCMS Plan’s Practice Wellness program. Practice Wellness is helping move the needle on our health promotion efforts with programs like the free EAP, smoking cessation resources, and overall guidance on wellness incentives. The NCMS Plan is like having an extension of our Human Resources Department & wellness team available at our fingertips.”

CINDY L. TILLEY, Vice President Human Resources, Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region

“With the pressures of rising overhead and shrinking reimbursements, it’s reassuring to know we have the NCMS Plan in our corner. Healthcare is the most important benefit we offer and we know with the NCMS Plan we are providing a quality, affordable health plan. Just as important to our practice is the outstanding service that the NCMS Plan team delivers. They give us peace of mind that other plans just can’t offer.”

ROBIN SIGISMONDI, Practice Administrator, Central Dermatology Center

“We have nothing but great things to say about the NCMS Plan. They are so helpful with the renewal process and go above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition. The NCMS Plan team does a phenomenal job helping resolve claim issues and presenting options for our employees to choose from. All of our employees receive a health plan that meets their need. A great overall experience!”

LEE ANN GOODSON, Executive Administrative Assistant, Jacksonville Children’s & Multispecialty Clinic

“The NCMS plan has us covered in all facets. Our employees get quality coverage that we can rely on year after year. We get top notch customer service with someone constantly in our corner, prepared to work for our best interest. And, due to all of this, the renewal decision is a breeze.”

BRANDON TODD, Practice Administrator, Wilmington Ear Nose & Throat Associates

“In a world of constantly changing healthcare, it has given us great peace of mind to work with the NCMS Plan to provide our employees with the best benefits for the greatest value. The NCMS Plan team helps us choose our product offerings an continuously motivates our staff towards better health. I would highly recommend the whole NCMS Plan team without reservation. Our many thanks for being such a great partner and an extension of our practice.”

JACOB RODMAN, Executive Director, Raleigh Neurosurgical Clinic

“Our group has participated with the NCMS Plan for over 15 years. We have been extremely satisfied with the range of plan choices, and the myriad of options available. The support from the NCMS Plan staff is second to none with all questions answered promptly and correctly. The early retirement option is definitely a great added bonus and our group highly recommends the NCMS Plan.”

DEAN DOUCETTE, Business Manager, Catawba Radiological Associates

“I can’t say enough good things about the NCMS Plan and the excellent customer service they provide us year after year. They are extremely knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. That’s why Wake Radiology relies on the NCMS Plan to identify health initiatives that support and enhance our wellness program.”

LAURA LONG, Human Resources, Wake Radiology

“Throughout the years of our relationship with the NCMS Plan, their efforts to improve our strategies have exceeded our expectations. It goes without saying that much of our satisfaction comes from the loyalty of the NCMS Plan representatives and the willingness they have to make each year better than the last. Our practice has truly thrived in all that the NCMS Plan has to offer and for that we are forever grateful to be an active part of it.”

CHANDLER VIS, Human Resource Manager, Orthopaedic Specialists of NC

“The service from the NCMS Plan is outstanding and we appreciate the responsiveness and willingness to seek solutions for our group. Our NCMS Plan representative is excellent and the support they provide our group has been beneficial throughout the years of our relationship.”

HANNAH ADAMS Human Resources Director, Piedmont Health Services

“Our decision to partner with the NCMS Plan has proven to be an excellent choice for our practice. The ability to select plans that best fit our needs, their commitment to customer service excellence, and the communication provided to their members are second to none. It is a pleasure to do business with them.”

JANE BYRUM, COPM Practice Administrator, ENT Carolina

“A variety of quality benefit plans, excellent customer service and the ‘how may I help you’ spirit of the organization from the top down, make you feel that the NCMS Plan is a part of your organization. They are committed, professional, hard-working, honest, and transparent about their mission and how it can work for your practice.”

B.J. ROCK Human Resources, Toe River Health District

“Our practice left the NCMS Plan for two years at the advice of our business consultant from another state. Boy, what a mistake! We could not wait to get back into the NCMS Plan and have our NCMS Plan agent as our ‘go to’ expert again. The coverage is superior and there is no way to match the service.”

BRENDA THOMAS Practice Administrator, Watson Eye Associates

“I have been pleasantly surprised more than once with the individualized customer service I have received from the NCMS Plan. George Fanelli, our NCMS Plan account service representative, responds quickly and his ability to solve daily problems is priceless.”

BETH PHILLIPS-FERRELL Practice Administrator, Greenville Pathology

“Our partnership with the NCMS Plan proves nothing less than exceptional. The level of customer service, attention to detail, and ability to customize according to client needs exceed industry standards.”

SUE NAGELSKI Practice Administrator, Preferred Pain Management

“I believe that everyone in the medical field knows the quality of benefits offered by the NCMS Plan. The coverage is great, the customer service is exceptional and communication with the medical community is excellent. Our NCMS Plan benefits consultant always returns my calls or e-mails promptly and provides me with answers to my questions or concerns. Our employees have been extremely satisfied with the coverage that we offer them through the NCMS Plan.”

LISA SINGLETON Practice Administrator, Center for Scoliosis & Spinal Surgery

“We have stayed with the NCMS Plan since opening for business in 2002. Their plans are competitive and provide the benefits needed to retain our employees. We offer two plan options to our employees, one with lower family premiums to accommodate the budgets of our employees wishing to cover family members. The NCMS Plan allows us to do this at no additional charge.”

GLEN BALLARD Practice Administrator, Carolina Arthritis Center

“I cannot overstate how helpful the support received from the NCMS Plan team has been for our company this year. They have been a wonderful resource and saved me immeasurable time in resolving issues. In addition, their service has been incomparable and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

JAMAL WALTERS Human Resource Manager, Southeast Anesthesiology Consultants