Q: How will existing LifeWorks EAP users be transitioned to the new Vital WorkLife EAP? Will they have to change providers if they are currently seeking care?

A: LifeWorks will continue to close out cases, and provide all authorized sessions after the termination date, for all cases open prior to the termination date. The participant may also choose to access the new benefit after the LifeWorks contract has ended and receive authorization to additional sessions.

Since Vital WorkLife (VWL) utilizes a nationwide network of consultants there is likely to be overlap between the consultants that they utilize and LifeWorks.

Should any participant find that the consultant they had previously been seeing is not credentialed consultant through Vital WorkLife, a determination will be made to evaluate whether this consultant should be included in their consultant workforce on a case by case basis.


Q:  Is data outcomes and reporting available?

A:  Included with the resources is regular reporting on engagement or use of the services provided.  For practices of 90 or more members, a quarterly summary will be available for the practice managers. This engagement information will always protect user confidentiality in the event there is minimal use and as program engagement builds month over month. VITAL WorkLife will provide an aggregate percent engagement for the total organizations covered on an annual basis and individual organization engagement summary for 90 or more members quarterly. Click here to see a sample summary. Additional trending information will include:

  • Who is using the service: Member, child, spouse/partner, leadership, other
  • Primary reason for Contact
  • Secondary Reason for Contact
  • Voluntary survey results such as: How did you hear about the service and other relevant information collected.