Grant Information

The NCMS Employee Benefit Plan has provided $500,000 in total funding for new Practice Wellness grants.  The Grant Program is effective January 1, 2022 and ends December 31, 2023.

Practice Wellness grants are intended to provide financial incentive and support for health promotion and well-being programming that will establish and drive measures to improve utilization, lower costs, increase engagement, and improve health outcomes for practices.

Grant Program Guidelines


  • Groups are eligible for up to $300 per enrolled employee (maximum $50,000 per group)
  • Groups will be required to have substantial engagement with the Health Promotion and Well-Being Manager.
  • Program Goals will be customized to group’s individual needs in order to allow flexibility based on their unique criteria.
  • Health Promotion and Well-Being manager will offer guidance on incentive strategies to drive engagement at the member level.


  • 50% of funding is provided when the group enrolls in the Grant Program. Remaining 50% eligible funding provided upon successful creation and approval of goals. Funding amount will be determined based on review of established goals.
  • Funding will be made via direct payment to the group.  Grant funds cannot be applied as a credit to a group’s premium or to offset other costs (i.e. NCMS Membership Fees).
  • Groups cannot exceed the $300/member ($50,000/group) maximum within the 2-year grant cycle.

NCMS Plan Groups interested in learning more can contact the Health Promotion and Well-Being Manager, Chuck Chapa at [email protected]