Nutritional counseling can help your employees assess their diet and set realistic, personal goals for better eating habits and a healthier lifestyle.   The NCMS Plan is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of its members with nutrition resources. We have partnered with Total Nutrition Technology (TNT) to promote a comprehensive approach addressing the entire individual and their needs. TNT starts with an extensive interview and assessment followed by a custom-built nutrition plan and exercise guidelines.  This approach ensures a fit for the member’s lifestyle and dietary objectives. Members may also receive a resting metabolic rate (RMR) assessment ($25 fee). This non-invasive procedure takes only 10 minutes and will give immediate and accurate results on how to further individualize their plan.

TNT also offers:

  • Accountability and motivational support
  • On-site skill-building workshops
  • Grocery store tours
  • In-home pantry makeovers

As a NCMS Plan member, these TNT services by Registered Dietitians are 100% covered.

To get started on your practice’s healthier journey and to understand what services are available in your area, complete the Needs Assessment Form and you will be personally contacted by a TNT specialist to outline a nutrition journey that is customized for your practice.

Nutrition Flyer

*Available services vary by region.