Success Stories

Bethany Medical Center Receives $12,300 Practice Wellness Grant

Bethany Medical Center has been awarded a $12,300 grant from the North Carolina Medical Society Employee Benefit Plan (NCMS Plan) for encouraging wellness and healthy living among its employees.

To qualify for the grant, Bethany Medical Center encouraged their employees to take a health assessment and focused on specific areas that needed improvement. The Center held healthy living seminars educating employees about eating healthy and lifestyle changes. Various raffles and challenges were held to promote participation among the staff and to encourage employees to complete their annual exam. These incentives encouraged employees to take steps necessary to ensure that 100% of their employee health insurance premium was paid by the practice. In an effort to promote a tobacco free environment, all Bethany Medical Centers became 100% tobacco free and offered free tobacco cessation programs to their employees and covered dependents. Dr. Peters states, “At Bethany Medical Center we believe in practicing what we preach.”

Top: Mark Stripling, Don Bulla, PA-C, RPh, Jason Horay, Patrick Watterson, PA-C; Bottom: Holly Wilkins, Mandy Womble, Carmen Ayuso, and Heather Hankins