Success Stories

NC Foundation For Advanced Health Programs Inc. receives $800 Practice Wellness Grant

The Foundation is grateful to be a part of the Practice Wellness grant campaign. As part of the initiative they have implemented the Eat Smart, Move More healthy eating program and looked at options for how they can better incorporate exercise into their daily routine while at the office, such as walking meetings and exploring the bike paths in their area. The Foundation’s new healthy foods policy has eliminated chips, cookies, and sodas from Foundation sponsored catered events and substituted nutritious alternatives like fresh fruit, vegetables and unsweetened tea.
With their grant dollars, they plan to have a certified trainer come in for the staff and provide classes in “Functional Fitness” which are exercises targeted around improving mobility and stamina around everyday tasks. Congratulations to Maggie and her team!

(From L to R) Maggie Sauer, President & CEO; Laura Fletcher, Finance Director; Maria Dover, CHIPRA Program Manager; and Jason Horay, Health Promotion Coordinator, NCMS Plan