Success Stories

The North Carolina Medical Society Earns Practice Wellness Grant

The North Carolina Medical Society receives Practice Wellness Grant for assisting their employees with reaching and maintaining their best possible well-being.

Pictured (from R to L): Bob Seligson, Executive Vice President and CEO, NC Medical Society; Shawn Scott, Deputy EVP, Operations & Administration, NC Medical Society; Jason Horay, Health Promotion Coordinator, NC Medical Society Employee Benefit Plan.

The North Carolina Medical Society’s (NCMS) overall wellness mission is to provide the means and opportunities for their employees to reach and maintain their best possible well-being. NCMS’s Executive Vice President and CEO, Bob Seligson, felt that in order to secure NCMS’s vision of representing physician well-being and improving the overall health of the people of North Carolina, the health and wellness of their own employees must be a priority. In an effort to address rapidly rising health care costs coupled with an epidemic increase in obesity rates, physical inactivity, poor nutrition and more specifically their top chronic conditions of hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipidemia, NCMS partnered with the North Carolina Medical Society Employee Benefit Plan’s Practice Wellness Program. This partnership led to forward-thinking health promotion and wellness programs that improved the employees’ health. The overarching goal of the wellness program is to help participants make healthier lifestyle choices, become aware of risk factors, better manage chronic conditions and ultimately maintain or lower health care costs.