Success Stories

Raleigh Radiology

Raleigh Radiology is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle for all employees and strongly feel that it is in their employees’ best interest to stay healthy, use their health insurance prudently and keep their costs as low as possible in order to maintain the 100% employer paid health insurance benefit.

Raleigh Radiology partnered with the NCMS Plan Practice Wellness program to help employees better manage their health issues with a combination of preventive health care, proper diet and exercise

Employees at Raleigh Radiology were encouraged to complete the following:

1. Annual physical exam and/or preventive screening

2. Health Assessment

Those of failed to complete the health assessment and an annual physical exam and/or preventive screening were required to pay a portion of their health insurance premiums beginning in 2013.

Raleigh Radiology also made all of their locations tobacco free. Congratulations to Raleigh Radiology for earning an $8,400 Practice Wellness Grant and being a leader in the Raleigh and Triangle area.

Raleigh Radiology staff includes: Diane Jones, Frannie Joseph, Trish Byrd, Jonathan Rice, Sharon Blackman and Marsha Woods. Check presented on behalf of the NCMS Plan by Jason Horay and Diane Irvine.